A-MAZ Water Stain Remover


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Product Description

Water stains are an eyesore but with all the harsh chemicals in many cleaners today the process of removing these unsightly water stains can be even more painful. Luckily, A-MAZ Clean & Green has come up with a solution that no longer requires the use of harsh chemicals to remove pesky water stains from your shower doors, windows, and mirrors. With the A-MAZ Water Stain Remover you will watch oxidation, black streak, bluing, calcium build-up, tarnish, salt spray, and of course water stains disappear before your eyes. This paste is especially wonderful for use on all glass needs since it doesn’t containgritty pumice or harsh chemicals that can damage your glass.

-Use on:

House windows, windshields, shower doors, fiberglass, chrome, sinks, tile/grout,

grills, toilets, porcelain, pool tile, oven, and much more!

-Safe for Septic tanks

-Safe in non-ventilated areas

-Atkinson’s carries 14 oz. jars of A-MAZ Water Stain Remover


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