Cleret Elite Shower Squeegee



Product Description

The Cler’er Elite Bath Squeegee is part squeegee part industrial design masterpiece. Having won the Consumer Product Of The Year by the Industrial Designers Society of America and been selected for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection this squeegee has put itself in a league of its own.  The 10 inch dual wiping blades conform to contoured and irregular surfaces to ensure they get every drop of water reducing the accumulation of materials that can lead to water spots and mildew.


-Soft, yet effective, wiping blades will not harm delicate surfaces

-Ergonomic design reduces wrist strain

-Made in the U.S.A

-Stands on side for easy storage

-Atkinson’s carries the Cler-et Elite Bath Squeegee in white with satin nickel accents, white with gold accents, and white with white accents. You may also choose from white blades or gray blades. With this many choices you are sure to find a squeegee that will blend seamlessly with any aesthetic.


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