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Choosing the Right Replacement Windows for Your Home

Rather than having another summer with inefficient windows that keep your house hot and let the air conditioning escape, why not consider replacing them? New replacement windows not only improve the efficiency of your home, but they also increase its value and curb appeal.

Different rooms require different windows, so consider which direction the space faces and what you want the window to do. Is it a space you want well-lit with natural light, but not like a sauna? Or is it a bedroom or library that can stay darker? Do you want to reduce sound either from the outdoors in (for a baby’s room) or indoors out (the practice room of a budding musician)? Is your large screen TV in the area and you want to reduce glare? Maybe you have a sewing room where you want lots of light, but do not want to fade your collection of fabrics.

Window Materials

There are choices of materials – vinyl, aluminum, wood, clad wood, and fiberglass. When choosing, consider maintenance efforts, efficiency, weight, cost, and how the windows will look in your home. For instance, vinyl windows are great, but could look a bit odd in a historical brick home.

Glazes, so many glazes. Single-paned, double-paned, even triple-paned are options. There are low-e (emissivity) coatings that impact the amount of heat flow that goes through the windows (need to balance, though – good for cooling in the summer, not so much for keeping house warmer in the winter). High reflectivity films block the heat but also reduce visibility and require extra cleaning efforts. You can get laminated glass, bullet-proof glass, soundproof glass, and there is even self-cleaning glass.

When looking at costs and considering what to buy, also look at the warranty, cost of installation, maintenance and cleaning needs, and how long the window will last. You also need to think about how the windows will affect your heating and cooling costs.

With so many variables and options, it is really best to consult a professional from the team at Akinson’s Mirror and Glass  The installation also has to be perfect or else all your investment in energy efficiency goes, ahem, right out the window. Do your homework and learn about all the different options — call us with questions and get a free estimate and you’ll be well on your way to summer comfort, efficiency and light!