Advantages of a Frameless Shower Door

A bathroom should be one of the most peaceful, aesthetically pleasing rooms in a home. Since it tends to be the first and last place a person visits during their day, we at Atkinson believe that extra attention should be given to making the bathroom a place where a homeowner feels taken care of. One element that makes a big impact is the design execution of the shower.

In days gone by, most showers were traditional tub-curtain units or metallic framed glass doors. Whilethese shower casing options can be beautiful (check out the Fresco Collection of framed doors), many modern homeowners are opting for the sleek, seamless look of frameless shower enclosures. What are the advantages? Read on.

Pros of Frameless Showers

  • Frameless glass lets impressive tile work shine through and contributes to a minimalist, streamlined look and feel.
  • Lack of a metal frame eliminates corrosion.
  • Simple glass panes are easier to clean thanks to fewer crevices.
  • The glass used to construct a frameless shower tends to be thicker and stronger.
  • Frameless doors offer a better return on investment upon sale of the home because of their current desirability.
  • When installed correctly, frameless shower doors are less prone to leaks.

What to Consider Before Installing

Replacing a shower enclosure is a significant investment, especially because it is usually done as part of a major bathroom remodel. Because of this, it can be tempting to try and install the enclosure yourself. We do not recommend this. Installation of a frameless door needs to be exact and expert, otherwise you can expect a host of issues including glass that is vulnerable to cracks and scratches and annoying leaks.

If you are thinking about replacing your shower enclosure, think custom and call Atkinson Mirror and Glass. Read more about our collections of frameless glass shower doors here and contact us for a free shower glass consultation.