Your Commercial Storefront: Another Employee!

At Atkinson Mirror and Glass, we like to think of a business’s storefront as its face. It is the first thing a customer sees before being greeted by a staff member and an important part of maintaining good first impressions. A storefront can include an entry door, windows, signage and important information for the customer.

Try thinking about your storefront as another employee. You wouldn’t let your employees come to work without proper dress, grooming and the tools they need to do their jobs—take that same approach with your company’s storefront. Here are some items to consider:

  • Display of Vital Information: It’s best to display store hours and other info that is directly involved in giving people the facts about how to interact with your business, clearly on the door or surrounding windows. Different industries require different levels of clarity (a restaurant needs its hours more prominently displayed than an engineering firm, for example). There are plenty of attractive ways to do this, including glass etching.
  • Accessibility: Have you considered installing an automatic door? If you run a business with high foot traffic, an automatic door can streamline the customer experience. That being said, an automatic door that isn’t maintained and breaks frequently can have the opposite effect. Be sure to have regularly scheduled maintenance performed (Atkinson can help you with that!)
  • Weather Protection and Energy Efficiency: Another important function of the storefront is to protect the entryway and rest of the building from the elements. Traditionally, an untreated glass storefront allows sun to heat climate-controlled spaces and even fade furniture and carpet. With Low-E glass and options like tinting and glazing, you can have the beauty of a custom glass storefront without sun damage.

If you’re ready to upgrade your storefront with glass features, automatic entry, custom etching and more, call Atkinson Mirror and Glass. We work with our partner company, Architectural Glass & Glazing, to provide you with excellent commercial windows and doors. We install, maintain and repair glass installations with quality workmanship.