Window Screens: Bringing New Life to Windows and Doors

When you install new replacement windows for your home, you may find yourself looking for ways to make the most out of that significant investment. One of the best ways to prolong the life of new (or existing) windows is to install premium window screens.

While it used to be that screens just kept bugs and debris out of the home when windows were open, nowadays you can choose different types of screens to achieve those and other goals.


Fiberglass vs Aluminum

The first choice to make when installing new screens is the material. Though specialty metals like bronze, stainless steel and copper are available, most homeowners choose either fiberglass or aluminum. Fiberglass window screens have become increasingly popular in recent years for their affordability and variety of color and grade options. Aluminum, the traditional choice, is more durable than fiberglass, but also more costly.
There are several types of screens made of fiberglass, aluminum or other materials that can protect and enhance your windows. Some considerations include:

  • Solar screens. Protect your family, furniture, and window treatments from harmful UV rays while also keeping the bugs out with solar screens. These are more expensive than traditional options but can pay for themselves with savings in cooling costs.
  • Pet screens. If you have a cat or dog that likes to scratch window, door and patio screens to smithereens, a pet screen may be the best choice for you. A screening fabric made from vinyl-coated polyester, pet screens may save you money on future screen repair andreplacement.
  • Security screens. The difference between normal screen and a security screen lies in the frame. Security screens are more resistant to punctures (think thrown rocks, knives, bricks and more) thanks to a heavy-duty frame.
  • Retractable screens. If you don’t like the reduced visibility of a traditional screen through closed windows, retractable screens provide a custom solution. Roll them down only when you need a screen.


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