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Nine Reasons to Replace Old Windows

Your windows work hard to protect your home from rain, cold, heat and other outdoor elements, all the time letting fresh-air to enter on comfortable days. However, over time, the life of your home’s windows diminishes and frames and seals may start letting in air and water. Window technology has advanced in recent years, making newer windows even more energy-efficient and protective than older alternatives.

Here are a few questions to consider when determining if it is time to replace your home’s windows:

  1. Is it a struggle to open, close and lock windows?
  2. Do your windows use single-pane glass?
  3. Are you still using storm windows?
  4. Does it seem especially noisy inside your house?
  5. Are you noticing faded drapes, carpets, furniture or artwork?
  6. Do your windows ever leak water or cold air?
  7. Do you see any signs of mold or rot in your windows?
  8. Do your windows match the desired style of your home?
  9. Are you tired of repainting peeling trim paint?

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