Shower Door glass

New Shower Doors Add Life, Design

One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to upgrade a bathroom is with a simple makeover — a new shower door.  Shower doors suffer from soap build-up, moisture damage or simply falling out of style.  With Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass, we can ensure your shower stays fresh and looks great.

agalite_pic_01We can help you enjoy stepping into the shower again, rather than every shower being a reminder that your shower door is failing.  Or, if you find yourself apologizing to overnight guests, spruce over that guest bathroom and get a great look, too.  We offer framed and frameless shower doors, as well as sliding or swing, speciality patterns and more!

Best of all, our EasyClean 10 Glass Treatment is available on many models, making shower doors and glass super easy to clean.  If you had company over the holidays and it was a reminder of how bad your shower doors have gotten, give us a call today at 208-375-3762 to find out just how many replacement shower door options are available!