Decorative Glass Ideas and Custom Etched Designs in Boise

One of the most enjoyable parts of making upgrades to your house or building a new home from the ground up is being able to select design elements that truly speak to your style and personality.


From front doors to kitchen cabinets, shower doors to decorative pieces of art… Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass are the leading experts of glass customization and installation in the Boise area. Let us help you with utilizing glass in new, innovative ways around your home:


Etched Glass Designs

Outdoor enthusiast? Top chef? Wine connoisseur? Sports fanatic? Take the things you love most and make them a permanent piece of art with custom glass etchings from Atkinson’s. Choose from smaller details to accent windows, cabinets or mirrors, or mural style designs on door-sized panes of glass or larger. We can do full-surface sandblasting, or reproduce your own artwork or design.



Custom Shapes & More

Think outside the square or rectangle box and allow us to supply you with custom glass of any shape and size. We are experts in creating specialty edge cutouts, holes, and even bent glass.  In our six decades of business, we’ve done it all when it comes to specialty custom glass for homes and businesses.



Sandblasting is a special glass treatment where small abrasive particles are forced together with a special piece of equipment to create a matte-like image on a glass or mirror surface. This unique treatment is both elegant and eye-catching, and can be customized to any number of designs.


When you are looking for that special touch of personality, let the team of talented and artistic glass experts at Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass create beautiful works of art for your home.  Call us for free estimate on your next project! (208) 375-3762