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What’s Not Working With Your Windows?

We’ve been having some beautiful fall weather here in Boise, but it’s going to be freezing before you know it. The first thing many people notice when the weather gets colder is a general draftiness around the house. We like to remind our customers that their homes don’t have to get colder when the weather gets colder! Similarly, energy bills don’t have to skyrocket in winter. One of the best ways to keep warm and save money is to pay close attention to the performance of your home’s windows. While it’s still temperate outside, it is a good time to assess how well your windows are working for you and your wallet.

Inspect the Seal

Before you do anything else, check the weatherstripping around the windows. If the seal is old or damaged, it won’t do you any favors in winter weather. Not sure if there’s a draft coming in? Try wetting your finger and running it across the weather stripping. That will help you feel any subtle breezes coming in through the window. You should also look for obviously visible damage like cracks and tears. Those can be fixed with new pieces of stripping and (for a little extra insulation) some caulk.

Examine the Windows

If you’ve noticed condensation between the panes of a single window or clear rotting of the wood frame or sash, it’s important to call a window installation technician to assess the situation. Some issues can be repaired while others are best fixed by replacing the whole unit. A broken window is an inefficient window so it’s important to get yours in tip top shape!

Think About Style

Another, less practical window consideration is that of their aesthetic appeal both outdoors and indoors. Do they provide curb appeal or detract from it? Do they let enough light into the home without fading carpet or furniture?

These are just a few things to consider when it comes to your windows. What’s not working for you? Atkinson’s Mirror and Glass is ready to help you not just make it work, but exceed your expectations. Contact us today about window replacement and window repair.