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Try These Tricks To Minimize Heat Loss

Remember the first time you saw your house before you bought it?  Peering through the windows of that sought after property, you had that comfortable feeling of home. Maybe it was love at first sight.

As the years have gone by, the older your home has gotten, that feeling of love may have dwindled. Take time this month to show your home some love. One easy place to start is with windows. Your windows may have lost their curb appeal, or perhaps they are even losing heat. Did you know that anywhere from 10%-25% of your homes heat could be escaping through drafty windows.

If you aren’t in the market for window replacement, consider these tips to minimize heat loss. Have no fear, you can keep your space warm and cozy in no time.

  1. Draft Snakes. You can buy these easily online or make your own with old knee socks and dry rice or beans. Simply lay along the window base to create an added barrier.
  2. Cover Up. If you have windows that you don’t need to see out of like basement windows, cover them with pieces of foam cut board. Foam board can be found at any hardware store. Have it cut while you are there.
  3. Que The Fan. Turn on your oscillating ceiling fan and set to low. This will direct the air down inside of out.

Of course these are short term fixes.  If you need these tips, it’s time to consider replacing the windows. Our experienced team is happy to come out and provide an estimate for wood, aluminum, or vinyl in a variety of budget and color options for your liking.

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