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Do You Have Too Much Outside Noise in Your Home?

From time to time we have customers who are surprised at how much quieter their home is after Atkinson’s Glass and Mirror replaces the windows with more modern, energy-efficient models. Sure, they get lower energy bills and the view looks great, but homeowners expect that when they upgrade their windows. A big side benefit can be a quieter house.

If you have road noise, barking dogs or even an enthusiastic music lover in your neighborhood, there’s a good chance we can help with modern, replacement windows.

Replacement Windows
In our area, many older homes have windows with a single pane of glass and no real insulation. Storm windows may have been added in the past, or an interior film to try and stop air leaks, but those don’t do much for overall performance compared to modern window technology.

As a general rule, modern windows also allow less noise into the home. New replacement windows have thicker glass, more air space between two or three panes of glass and better insulating frames. These all contribute to noise reduction and a quieter house.

If noise reduction is important to you, please let us know, because some windows are better at reducing noise than others, and our experts can be sure to provide the best options.

If you’re ready for an uninterrupted afternoon nap, a full night’s sleep or just quiet time with a good book – and improved energy efficiency and great looks, it’s time to give Atkinson’s Mirror and Glass a call. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate and discuss the options available for your home that meet all your needs. With more than 66 years in business, you can trust the job will be done right, by a company that cares. Call us today or contact us online for a free estimate, and to learn about the options available for your home. Call 203-375- 3762 today.