Keeping Bugs Out

As the summer’s heat waves disperse, the temperature outside becomes perfect for opening the windows and letting fresh air into your home. Some of the most relaxing evenings are those spent lounging with a good book, hearing the sounds of crickets and feeling the cool breeze on your skin. However, your personal relaxation time can be quickly interrupted when you suddenly realize that you have new mosquito bites and that they have been entering through the very windows you’ve been enjoying so much.

Before you trade out your air conditioning for open windows this month, take a look at your screens. Throughout the summer they may have experienced different forms of damage, and checking them now will save you from headaches later. Look for any holes from weather damage during high winds and hail. Check all four corners of the screens for tears as well, and be sure the screens are still fitted properly and the material isn’t worn. If you notice any of these issues, consider having your screens replaced.

If you have replaced your window screens recently but have pets in your home, check the screens again. An excited dog or cat can cause a lot of damage quickly.

While you can replace your screens yourself, it may be time-costly. Did you know Atkinson’s Mirror and Glass offers a screen replacement service? We can fit a range of window sizes and shapes, and offer materials for screens that are long-lasting and hold up against the most curious of pets. Call our specialists and find out which option is best for your home, with a free, no-obligation estimate, (203) 375-3762.