Preparing for Fall

Summer has come to an end, which means it is time to start gearing up for the holiday season. Your home is the perfect place for social gatherings and parties during the last few months of the year, and September is the best time to begin projects in order to have your home ready in time. If you want to personalize your home while impressing guests this holiday season, here are a few changes you can make:

Decorative glass: Decorative glass doesn’t just apply to windows. Using decorative glass for your shower doors, kitchen cabinets, display cases and artwork sets your home apart from the rest, and allows to put your own personal touch in places where most homes look the same. You can pick from a variety of preexisting glass options, or for an even more personal touch, consider sandblasting.

Shapes: Adding mirrors around your home can brighten it and make the atmosphere cozier by reflecting light. One way to change the look of mirrors is to change the shape. With different shaped mirrors, you can place them in areas you normally wouldn’t, have them as a focus piece, or even treat them as art.

You can also add custom shaped windows to your home, bringing in light to areas around ceilings or in dark stairways.

Fireplace: The best part of the holiday season is getting cozy around the fireplace. A fireplace during colder months becomes a spot where friends and family will gravitate, creating a unique space for everyone to spend time together.

Get started on your home projects now to impress your friends and family during the holidays! Let the team of talented and artistic glass experts at Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass create beautiful works of art for your home. Whether it is decorative glass for your kitchen or high-temperature glass for your fireplace, call us for free estimate at (208) 375-3762.