Fall Is the Perfect Time…For A Skylight!

There are many reasons why fall is most everyone’s favorite season. Nothing brings back fond memories more than the beginnings of holiday smells and cheer, backyard football games, cozy sweaters and changing leaves.

However, as temperatures drop and daylight hours decrease, you’ll want to spend more and more time indoors. One way to enhance the fall experience within your home is by adding skylights! Here are a few benefits to adding skylights to your home this month:

  • Viewing foliage: Imagine looking up in your home and seeing beautiful fall colors right above you! Having skylights in your home means you don’t have to be outside to view radiant foliage – it’s available from the comfort of any room directly under the roof.
  • Natural lighting: Skylights are a great way to bring natural lighting to rooms that have little to no windows, and can even make small rooms appear larger. On gloomy, rainy fall days and when it gets dark earlier, any extra sunlight can make a huge difference. You’ll also have the benefit of lower energy bills, with lights being turned on less frequently.
  • Warmth: More sunlight also means a warmer home during the colder months. One of the biggest ways to increase home efficiency is by letting the sun’s natural light in during the day, creating warmth without having to turn up your heating system. When considering where you might place a skylight, think of the rooms in your home you use most often.
  • Privacy: Skylights are perfect for areas where you’d like more lighting and views but still want plenty of privacy. You’ll never need to worry about closing blinds at night or nosy neighbors, and your home’s curb appeal will be higher than ever.

If you’re ready to have the perfect fall season in your home by adding skylights, contact Atkinson Mirror & Glass at (208) 375-3762 to talk to one of our specialists.