The Easy Way to Brighten Your Home

During the long months of winter when the sun sets too early, every bit of sunlight entering your home is helpful. Sunlight can be useful for adding warmth and saving money on energy bills by decreasing the amount of artificial light needed, and can also help elevate moods in colder seasons and make rooms appear larger!

But how can you bring in more natural sunlight if your home has few windows or isn’t facing the right direction to catch rays? Adding more windows can be effective, but many don’t have the time or budget for a project that large. One of the most effective ways to increase natural light is by using mirrors. Here are a few tips on how to place them:

1.     Pay attention to which areas receive the most sunlight. Placing mirrors in these areas will reflect the light into darker areas of the room and will make the space appear larger. If you are using mirrors to bring extra light to a room with no windows, place mirrors around lighting fixtures instead of across from them to avoid glares.
2.     The bigger the mirror, the more sunlight. Larger mirrors can reflect a bigger area of your home and more light, making a room appear nearly double its size.
3.     Get creative. For small rooms where you simply don’t have the space to add large mirrors, you can still get creative using smaller mirrors for the same effect. Small framed mirrors placed on bookshelves, tables and desks can look great and brighten up smaller, crowded areas.

If you’re ready to start using mirrors to brighten your home, call the experts at Atkinson Mirror and Glass! Mirrors don’t have to be boring, either – we can create custom shapes, holes, edge cutouts and frames to fit your personal style! Call (208) 375-3762 or use our online form to get started on your free estimate.