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Your Spring Checklist

If you’re like everyone else emerging from their winter dens this month, you’re probably thinking about all of the spring cleaning you’ll need to get started on. It’s time to open up the windows and let fresh air in, switch your bedding to those light, summer linens, and get rid of the dust, grime and damage that has built up over the winter!

If you’re like us and want to take good care of the mirrors and windows that make your home shine, these will be the first areas on your spring checklist. Here is what you should cover:

Repairs: Do your screens need to be replaced after experiencing snow buildup or hail damage? Doing so now will save you stress later when the pollen count is up, mosquitos are back, and you want to have your windows open. We offer a variety of materials and colors to match your needs, including heavy-duty screens that stand up to curious pets.

Window frames: Your frames and the space between the screen and glass may have built up a decent amount of dust and dirt over the winter months. Be sure to give these areas a cleaning to avoid build-up in spring and summer!

Cleaning: Now it’s time to clean the actual surfaces of your mirrors and windows. Windows and mirrors are one of the most looked-at areas of the home, and windows easily attract dog nose prints and children’s handprints, while mirrors become splattered with toothpaste and soap. These are areas that might not be at the top of your normal cleaning list, but they are areas that visitors will notice the most. For beautiful, streak-free mirrors and windows, check out our professional glass cleaner!

If you need your screens, windows or mirrors replaced this spring, call the Atkinson Mirror and Glass experts today at (208) 375-3762 or use our online form to get started on your free estimate.