Shower Door glass

What to Consider for Your Shower Door:

When remodeling a bathroom, homeowners will pay attention to every last detail in the design process – lighting, cabinet hardware, tiles, etc. But what about your shower door? Instead of replacing the entire shower and spending even more money on your renovation, replace the door and glass to achieve your design goals! Here is what to consider for your new shower door:

  1. Style: What many people may not realize is that changing your shower door can aid in achieving the style you want for your bathroom. For instance, a modern, minimalist bathroom will never look exactly the way you envisioned when it still has an outdated, grimy shower. Replacing the glass with a clean, frameless shower door will give any bathroom an upscale look!
  2. Space and accessibility: Do you have a small bathroom with minimal extra space? You probably won’t want a swing door that won’t open fully in a tiny space or slams into other items. Do you get little privacy in your home with kids and pets running around? You might want to consider a patterned glass. Do you have elderly family members who might have trouble getting in and out of the shower? Some options may be safer than others. Pay attention to the space and family habits, and talk with one of our specialists to find the best option for your home.
  3. Cleaning: If you have a busy schedule and aren’t sure how much time you’ll have to dedicate to cleaning your shower door, you’ll want to consider all of the low-maintenance options with smaller amounts of glass, or a treatment that offers a water and oil-based stain coating.

If you’re ready for a new shower door to change the look of your bathroom and make life easier, call Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass at (203) 375-3762 or contact us online for a free estimate, and to learn about the options available for your home.