When something goes wrong and your home is damaged, or is just seeing the results of time and weathering, you have to make an important decision: do I replace, or repair? Though we all wish every job was an easy repair, sometimes it makes more sense to replace. For example:

You notice a hole in your window screen. If your screen is brand new, you probably don’t want to spend the money to completely replace it. In this situation, the repair would be quick and more cost-effective. However, if your screen develops a hole, and is already full of minor scratches or discoloration, replacing the screen completely is the better option. If your screen is already old, it will likely form more holes easily – meaning you’ll just need another repair in the future. By replacing it, your home will get a makeover and you likely won’t see natural damage for 10 to 15 years!

The same guideline is true for glass on windows, tabletops and cabinet doors. If the glass is broken in areas, it can become a danger and should be replaced. For less severe problems, our experts can buff the glass and return it to its normal state.

You can also choose to replace smaller parts, depending on the state of the larger feature. If your shower door handles break off, you don’t need to replace the entire shower! Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass is equipped to replace window and patio door parts and accessories, shower door parts, mirror accessories and more!

Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass is here to make repairs and replacements a hassle-free project that won’t get in the way of the many daily tasks that life provides. Call our specialists and find out which option is best for your home, with a free, no-obligation estimate, (203) 375-3762.