Little Details that Make a Home

When you move into a new home or apartment, it never really begins to feel like home until each room has little details that create a reflection of your style and personality. Some homes have a “hotel” feel to them without the details that make having your own space comfortable and special.

If you’ve never furnished your own home, or just haven’t found the décor style that makes it feel like yours, take a look at these areas and see how a small change can make a big difference:

  1. Windows. While we would normally talk about replacement windows, this time we mean what you have around your windows: curtains. If you still have the boring blinds that came in your home, it’s time to add some curtains! Adding curtains can give any room a personality, fast. They are also great at saving you money on your energy bill – blocking heat in the summer and cold air near windows in the winter.
  2. Mirrors. We’ve written before about how mirrors can bring more light into dark corners of your home, but they can also serve as décor. Mirrors with different shapes or with quality, decorative frames can add life to your walls if you haven’t found the perfect art piece or family photo yet.
  3. Rugs. Even in a carpeted room, adding rugs and layering rugs can make a room feel more cozy and welcoming, especially during colder months. Rugs can be an investment, but well worth the price! Just remember: the wrong windows can cause sun-damage to your valuables quickly. If you have old windows but are ready to invest in other parts of your home, it may be time to have them replaced.

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