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Should Your Replace Your Windows Before Fall?

While you may not be ready for summer and warm weather to end, the sad reality is that fall is
approaching quickly. Soon we will be entering the brief period where it feels great to open the
windows and let fresh air in without worrying about overheating or getting too cold. It also
happens to be the perfect time to have your windows replaced! Here is why you may want to
have your windows replaced before fall:

  1. You want to avoid higher energy costs during installation. At Atkinson’s Mirror and
    Glass, we always try to work quickly to keep your home running efficiently during the
    installation process, but attention to detail means we can’t avoid it completely. Having
    your windows replaced during the transition from summer to fall means you can keep
    your home comfortable without heat or cooling escaping.
  2. You noticed a jump in your energy costs compared to last summer. If you noticed your
    energy costs have been significantly higher due to leaks around your windows, it is only
    going to get worse over the course of the upcoming winter. Having your windows
    replaced before it starts to cool off will help you save on energy costs during the colder
    season and for years to come.
  3. Your windows are rotting around the frame from water damage. If you live in an area
    that has seen high amounts of rain and humidity this summer, causing rotting around
    the frame of your windows, you’ll want to have them replaced before winter. Rotted
    wood will only get worse as temperatures drop (costing you more later on in repairs),
    and dealing with damage to your home during the winter can be a huge pain.

Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass is here to make window replacement a hassle-free project that won’t
get in the way of the many daily tasks that life provides. Call our specialists and find out which
option is best for your home, with a free, no-obligation estimate, (208) 375-3762.