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Don’t Panic! Dealing With Broken Glass.

By August 20, 2019 No Comments

It’s one of every homeowners biggest fears: a heavy storm sends an object through your window or door, or somehow a baseball ends up in your living room along with shattered pieces of your former window. No matter how it happens, having a broken window or door can be an extremely stressful situation. Not only is there glass to clean up, but now you must make sure your home is protected from the weather, and secured from other possible dangers.

Don’t Panic

The first step is to not panic, and assess the situation. Find out the extent of the damage – is the entire window broken, or just a pane? Is it just a crack, rather than a complete break? This will help you determine what type of repairs you’ll need. For example, if just one panel on your front door is broken, you may be able to save on costs and have just that section replaced.

Assess The Situation

Another part of assessing the situation means researching the right solution based on potential risks. What time of day did the accident occur? Is there inclement weather approaching? If you need to keep your home safe, fast, or it’s the weekend, you’ll likely need to contact emergency board-up services and complete a full repair later on. If the breakage occurs during business hours,  contact a trusted local company as soon as possible. Depending on your home and the type of glass you need, it may be a few days before a full replacement can be made. If the damage is small and only needs repairs, it may be sooner.

Don’t forget – Atkinson’s Mirror and Glass offers 24-hour emergency repair and board-up services for windows and doors. If you are facing a security emergency or safety issue due to broken glass, contact our 24-hour line at (208) 830-4701 now.