Ideas to Help Your Business Adapt New Social Distancing Requirements

By March 20, 2020 No Comments

For businesses remaining open during a global pandemic, the health and safety of your employees and customers is your number one concern. Just like we are taking extra precautions here at Atkinson’s Mirror and Glass, many businesses across the country are closing their lobbies, dining areas and waiting rooms to ensure proper social distancing measures are being taken for COVID-19. However, most businesses aren’t properly equipped to continue to serve their customers without limiting interactions with employees. During this tough time, Atkinson’s is dedicated to helping our community protect each other, and some of our services are designed to aid with that.

Here are a few ideas that may help you continue to serve your customers:

Drive-Up and Walk-Up Windows

If your business has recently made the change to provide pick-ups and deliveries only, having a drive-up or walk-up window is a great option to limit the number of customers entering your building, eliminating much of the risk for your employees and reducing some of the sanitization efforts that come with more frequent visitors. If you have accessible existing windows or doors, our team can help convert them into a sliding option for a quick, convenient update.

A Protective Barrier In Reception

If you are an essential business that won’t close in the event of stay-at-home order, or can’t replace windows, the next best option is to add a protective barrier between your employees and customers. Glass barriers are already popular among banks and even schools, and this “ticket window” style reception area can help prevent the spread of germs – and is easy to clean!

Glass Surfaces

Lastly, Atkinson’s can cut custom sized glass to cover any existing surfaces, like desks, counters and retail checkout areas that see frequent activity. Some surfaces like wood are not always easy to sanitize simply by wiping them down with a disinfectant cloth, and glass can be a great solution.

Don’t forget – we can also come to you for delivery for glass, mirrors and window screens so that you can continue to take the proper distancing measures at home, too! Contact us using our online form or give us a call ASAP so that our team can help you.