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Home Repairs You Should Make ASAP

By October 20, 2020 No Comments
A cracked window or a shower door off its frame may seem like a minor issue at the time, but if left unfixed, can turn into a scary problem. Make sure that Halloween is the only spooky thing around your house this month by making these home repairs:
  • Window or door leaks. | Water coming into your home is never a good sign, and can cause major damage to your walls and floors, eventually leading to mold and mildew growth if the leak isn’t quickly repaired. If your window or door frame is leaking, try to find the entrance point of the water and create a temporary block until a professional can examine the issue and suggest a repair.
  • A broken window. | A broken window opens your home to outside dangers like pests, rain and unwanted intruders. Call a local glass company like Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass to board your home up ASAP, or replace the window if the damage is too great. We offer 24/7 emergency window repair services to the Boise area.
  • A leaky shower door. | Whether it’s because your shower door was poorly fitted, or because it has fallen off of its track, water finding its way outside of your shower enclosure can ruin your beautiful bathroom floors and create a more expensive and extensive issue.
  • Cracked glass. | A crack in your glass table or door panel may start small, but can expand over time, particularly with temperature changes. If the crack becomes too large, you may have to replace the entire piece of glass, rather than just make a simple repair. It can also be dangerous to those in your home if the glass were to eventually break completely.