Are Glass Front Doors Safe?

By February 15, 2021 No Comments

There are endless reasons why you might want to let more natural sunlight into your home. It can help heat your home during the winter months, and provide extra vitamin D from the sun even when you’re huddling inside on cold days. It can also help your space appear larger, and bring more life into your home – especially if you love indoor plants!

When homeowners think about increasing natural light, they don’t usually consider adding more glass to the front door. Some people prefer more privacy around the front of their home, and others might be worried about the safety factor when having glass near an entry point. If you share these same concerns, keep reading! At Atkinson’s, we know why so many homeowners end up choosing glass front door features, and are here to answer your questions!

Will visitors be able to see inside my home?
If you’re worried about solicitors, mailmen and visitors being able to see inside your home through front door panels, there are still options for you, so that you can have privacy, while still allowing more light and improving the look of your home. For example, textured glass provides the same benefits, but is more difficult to see through. A simpler option is to choose a sheer window treatment, like you would for your regular windows.

Will I be at risk for break-ins? 
Ideally, your entry door should be made with high quality, double-paned, tempered glass that is difficult to break. At Atkinson’s, we have years of experience choosing the right glass for the job, and trust that your family and belongings will be protected. However, there are always extra security measures we can take to enjoy more natural light and feel safe and secure at the same time. For example, panes can be placed out of reach from any locks, and you can place home security signs and lighting around entrance points.

You don’t have to sacrifice privacy or security when you add more glass to your home! If you’re considering replacing your doors or having a new door installed, let us give you a free, no-obligation, no-pressure estimate.

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