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Checking Your Energy Efficiency? Remember to Check Your Glass Patio Door

By August 20, 2021 No Comments

It’s no wonder sliding glass patio doors are such a popular back door choice. They allow extra natural light in your home and help you keep an eye on your backyard, children and pets. However just like windows, your sliding glass door can become drafty over time. If your energy bills have spiked over the summer, be sure to check your glass sliding doors.

Take a moment, and check it out. Is it sliding properly? Does it close all the way? Is your track worn out? Do you feel a slight draft from the outside? If you are having any of these issues, Atkinson is here to help!

Luckily, a drafty door doesn’t always mean a replacement is needed. Whether it’s worn from years of enjoyment and frequent use, or was installed improperly, a professional repair can often make your door as good as new.

Of course, If your door is more than 20 years old, or you aren’t happy with the look, it’s time to consider a replacement. Like windows, door glass has advanced quite a bit! It’s now super energy efficient. And with updated styles, a new door can help update the look of your home!

Whether you need a quick repair or a total replacement, Atkinson can help with all your glass door needs.