Let in the Light: Skylight Options for Your Space

By November 3, 2021 No Comments

The presence of natural light is a highly sought-after house feature, and for good reason too. Not only does natural light help to brighten a space, improving your mood and giving you an extra dose of vitamin D, but it can also reduce your energy costs by heating or lighting a space without the use of electricity.

Skylights let you experience the warmth of the sun during the day and the beauty of the sky at night. New technology has made these windows functional, efficient, and attractive.

Electric and Solar Vented Skylights
Vented skylights are made of glass and a screen, allowing you to open the skylight to let in fresh air. They are also available with a rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight if rain is detected. Electric-powered skylights can be opened and closed with a remote control. Solar-powered skylights work in a similar manner but use the sun’s light to recharge the battery-operated control system.

Sun Tunnels
For rooms that don’t have direct access to roof, sun tunnels are a simple way to add natural light to your space. Consisting of a flexible or rigid tube, sun tunnels use an advanced mirror technique to reflect 99 percent of the sun’s light into your home. Sun tunnels are often less costly and easier to install than skylights.

Large Span Skylights
To really make an impact, consider large span skylights, which are double the size of traditional skylights. Available in windowpanes up to 10 feet long, these skylights create an atrium effect and bring maximum sunlight into the house. They are frequently installed in entryways, hallways, and sunrooms.

Smart Skylights
With the help of sensors added to your skylights, you can control the climate of your home. The sensors monitor temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide to open and close your skylights to meet your personal specifications. The skylights are controlled by an app and learn to adjust to your preferred climate over time.

Skylight Shades
While natural light is good, sometimes a glaring sun can be too much. Skylights can be customized with remote-controlled shades that diffuse the light or completely block it out. Skylight shades are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

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