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Window 101

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When it’s time to replace your windows or install new ones, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the options available; there are more than you may think! Take a look below at the basic components of a window so you can select the one that is right for your space.

Window Type
The most common types of windows are double-hung windows (both the top and bottom sash of the window slide up and down) and single-hung windows (only the bottom sash slides up and down). Casement windows crank to open; slider windows open to the left or right, and awning windows open outward. If you want to add character, consider a picture window, bay window, or transom window (a window installed over an existing window or door).

Frame Material
Most window frames are made of wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Wood can be stained to match your home but require regular maintenance. Fiberglass has the look of wood and is very durable. Vinyl windows are the most affordable and are among the most energy efficient.

Various options in glass are available for windows. Energy-efficient glass can save you money on energy bills and protect your furniture from fading. When privacy is a concern, consider tinted or textured glass. If your window is near the floor, a stairway, or a door, tempered glass is recommended for safety reasons.

Grilles are the narrow strips on a window that provide visual interest. While they are often in a grid pattern, other decorative options are also available. Grilles can be placed between the glass windowpanes or on the exterior and interior of windows.

Basic screens get the job done but if you want to maximize your view, go with a screen made of fine mesh that lets in more natural light. Safety screens are very strong and can help protect against falls.

Window Locks
Standard window locks prevent a window from opening or closing at all and are available in a range of styles. Window opening locks, however, allow the window to open to a designated height. This is ideal for windows in rooms where young children spend time, as they can enjoy the fresh air without the danger of an open window.

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