Cold Weather Woes for Windows

By February 10, 2022 No Comments

Winter has arrived and along with it comes some downright cold temperatures! Cold weather can be tough on your home’s windows, potentially causing problems now and in the future. Learn the signs of the most common window issues related to cold weather and see what you can do to prevent or fix them.

Extreme cold temperatures can affect the casing, or frame, of your window. PVC and aluminum window casings typically stand up to the cold weather; however, wooden frames are likely to shrink in frigid temperatures. This can lead to warping. To prevent this from happening, wood frames should be regularly treated with paint or sealer to keep their structure sound.

Condensation forms when warm, moist air meets a cool surface. Often, condensation appears on the inside of the windows due to fluctuations in humidity, which can be reduced by running a dehumidifier in your house. If the condensation forms in between the windowpanes, however, it means that the seal around the window is damaged and is not airtight. Homeowners can opt to replace only the affected glass pane or the entire window.

Ice Formation
During extreme cold weather condensation that forms on the outside of windows can turn into ice, making the window difficult to operate. Excessive ice formation on windows can also cause the glass or frame to crack. This is often the result of poor weatherstripping. An easy fix to the problem—check that your weatherstripping is in good shape and replace it if it’s cracked or rotted.

Hardware Malfunction
The latches, locks, and cranks that help to open and close windows are also affected by cold weather. Cold temperatures can cause these components to fail or jam. Ultimately, this can cause more structural damage to the window. Faulty hardware also makes the windows less secure. If you notice malfunctioning hardware on your windows, fix or replace the parts as soon as possible.

Enjoy the beauty of the winter season but keep an eye on your windows! If problems arise, Atkinson’s is here to help; simply contact us online or call us at (208) 375-3762.