Make Your Home One of a Kind

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One of the best things about owning a home is the ability to customize it to meet your wants and needs. Adding decorative touches to your home in the form of glass is a unique and creative way to showcase your personality. Glass pieces allow light to travel throughout your home, brightening the house and making spaces feel more airy. See how you can make your home one of a kind by adding specialized glass:

While many people purchase mirrors from home improvement or décor stores, custom-made mirrors are a great option for those who want a unique piece or need a specially sized mirror. The edging, frame, details, and shape of the mirror can be handcrafted to reflect your personal taste and meet your space requirements.

A glass tabletop is an excellent way to spread light throughout a room. Custom glass tabletops can be used for dining, coffee, end, or console tables. By creating your own tabletop you have control over the size and the shape, allowing you to find the ideal fit for your room. Glass table covers can also be crafted to protect antique or valuable furniture.

In small spaces glass shelving is a perfect way to make a room seem larger. These low-profile shelves add height to a room while at the same time make it feel more spacious. Due to their transparent nature, glass shelves also make it easier for you to light your display pieces.

Room Dividers
You can gain a little more privacy and a lot of style with glass room dividers. They work well in offices, bathrooms, and open floorplans, allowing natural light to shine through while blocking out unwanted noise. Options include glass sliding doors, bi-fold doors, barn doors or fixed panels. Glass can be textured, frosted or clear, depending on your needs.

Sandblasted Pieces
Sandblasting is a process used to etch a design into glass. Custom projects often use sandblasting to create a design on a glass wall, shower door, mirror, or sign. Sandblast a favorite landscape scene, your family name, or a fun design to make a statement in your home.

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