Eight Tips for Window Safety

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Every April, the National Safety Council promotes Window Safety to educate parents and caregivers about the importance of window safety to prevent falls and accidents among children. According to the NSC, each year more than 3,300 children who fall out of a window are injured seriously enough to go to the hospital and approximately eight children under the age of five die.

Follow these tips to ensure window safety in your home:

  1. Keep windows closed and locked when children are present.
  2. Only open windows that are out of a child’s reach, keeping in mind that they may be able to access windows by climbing on furniture.
  3. Use ASTM F2090 devices, like sliding locks, restrictor cables or lock pins to limit how far a window can open. A safe window opening is no more than four inches.
  4. Tell children that they should not play near windows and remind them frequently. Don’t allow children to jump on beds, couches, or other furniture that is close to a window.
  5. Let children know that an insect screen will not protect them from falling out of a window. They should never lean on window screens.
  6. Keep window treatments out of reach for children. This includes blinds, drapes, and cords that can pose a choking risk.
  7. Consider planting bushes underneath windows to break a fall should a child fall out of one.
  8. Create a fire escape plan with your family. Let children know how to safely exit the house through a window during an emergency.

Looking to learn more about window safety? You can follow the conversation on social media by searching for #WindowSafety.

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