Shower Door glass

Options in Glass Shower Doors

Once you’ve made the decision to install or replace a glass shower door in your bathroom it’s important to do your research on the different options available. Based on your space limitations, personal preferences, and budget, you can narrow down your search and find the best glass shower door for your bathroom. Not sure where to start? Consider these factors when choosing a glass shower door:

In small bathrooms, sliding glass shower doors are a popular option as they are an effective space-saver. They are available as single slide doors, where only one side opens, and dual slide doors in which both open. For larger bathrooms, pivot doors (which swing open) are often used. These doors do not have a track on the bottom, making them easier to keep clean. You can create larger openings with pivot doors and choose the direction in which they open.

For nearly all types of glass shower doors you can choose the type of glass that best fits your lifestyle. Clear glass finishes allow an unobstructed view into the shower, while frosted or textured glass provides a bit more privacy.

Glass shower doors should be chosen to complement the design of your bathroom. Framed shower doors come in a variety of colors, including silver, nickel, bronze, and more, so that you can match your shower door frame to your bathroom hardware and fixtures. If you’re after a sleek, modern look, frameless shower doors are the way to go. Frameless shower doors create the appearance of more space and allow a view into beautiful shower stonework or tiling.

All glass shower doors should be cleaned regularly to prevent build-up of mold and mildew. Frameless doors are often considered easier to maintain, as mold and mildew doesn’t accumulate around a frame. In terms of durability, framed shower doors provide a sturdy structure to hold the glass, making cracks and breaks less likely over time.

Family Members
Some glass shower doors may be better suited for certain family members. Sliding shower doors are great options for children and older family members. Glass tub enclosures are also popular choice for families who have small children, but still want a stylish bathroom.

Framed doors are a standard, affordable option when it comes to glass shower doors. Frameless glass shower doors are more expensive than framed shower doors due to their construction and installation costs.

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