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Expand Your View with Glass Railings

By June 16, 2022 No Comments

Railings are an important safety feature, but they can also be a stunning design element as well. Glass railings are a top choice for property owners who want an easy-to-maintain railing that looks great. Imagine the view from a rooftop deck surrounded with glass guardrails or the modern statement you’d make with glass railings on a stairwell. Read on to see why glass railings really make a home or a business stand out.

  1. Glass railings make spaces look larger. Glass railings don’t block your sight line and, as a result, make a space seem larger. This unobstructed view helps your space feel less closed in, which is ideal for both homeowners and workplaces.
  2. Glass railings don’t block light. You can take advantage of the natural sunlight in your home or business by installing glass railings. The see-through glass allows light to shine all over the space, giving it an airy feel.
  3. Glass railings are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning glass railings is simple; just grab a rag and cleaning spray. In addition, glass railings are very low maintenance as spindles or rails do not need to be cleaned, replaced, or repainted.
  4. Glass railings complement all building materials. Since glass railings are clear, they can fit in with just about any property design. Whatever material is prominent in your home or business—wood, metal, stone, etc.—glass railings can be incorporated seamlessly for a modern look.
  5. Glass railings are safe and durable. Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is used for all glass railings. The long-lasting glass is very strong and does not break into large, sharp pieces. Glass railings are often preferred for young children and pets; the full panel is difficult to climb and eliminates openings in which a body part may slip through or get stuck.
  6. Glass railings can be customized. Whether you want to create a unique design or etch your company’s logo, you easily do so with glass railings. Different transparencies and tints are also available for glass railings.
  7. Glass railings increase property value. With their added safety, modern design, and durability, it’s easy to see why glass railings can raise the value of your property.

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