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Storm Door Buying Guide

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When storm doors were first created in the 1800s their main purpose was to protect the home’s exterior door from harsh weather. This reduced the amount of swelling, warping, and cracking and extended the lifespan of the door. Today, exterior doors are typically made of fiberglass and steel, which hold up much better to Mother Nature. However, storm doors have still stuck around; homeowners appreciate the clear view outside and the ability to provide additional ventilation.

When installing or replacing a storm door in your home, consider the following options:

  • Material: Storm doors can be made of aluminum, fiberglass, or wood. Aluminum and fiberglass storm doors are longer lasting and can be painted to match your house. Wood storm doors are not nearly as common but can be used to match the style of older homes.
  • Glass Type: All storm doors are made with either tempered or laminated glass, both safe options. Tempered glass is extremely strong and breaks into rounded pieces should it shatter. Laminated glass consists of a piece of vinyl positioned between two panes of glass. This creates a glass sandwich (glass, vinyl, glass). If shattered, instead of glass pieces falling to the ground, they will stick to the interior vinyl. Low-E glass, which increases energy efficiency, can also be used for storm doors.
  • View: A look around your neighborhood will likely show you several view options for your storm door. Full view storm doors have a glass from top to bottom and partial view doors only have glass at the top. While full view doors let in more light, partial view doors can be great for pets who jump. Partial view storm doors can also be customized with pet doors.
  • Screens: Some storm doors are available with retractable screens or screen inserts. Switching from glass to screen is easy and no special tools are required. This allows homeowners to enjoy the more moderate weather.
  • Handles: A wide variety of handles are available, including knob, pushbutton, and lever styles, and can be ordered in a variety of finishes. These handles lock, providing extra security for your home.

Keep in mind that storm doors are different from screen doors. Screen doors are designed to provide ventilation and prevent bugs from entering the house but provide little protection or security.

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