Get Creative with Mirrors

By November 17, 2022 No Comments

Mirrors aren’t just for the bathroom and hallway; they can be put to use in just about any room of the house. Hanging mirrors in your home is a great way to maximize the light that enters your house, making it appear brighter and more open. How can you get creative with mirrors? Check out these ideas:

Mirrored Wall
Adding a mirrored wall to a room will make it seem dramatically bigger! Mirrored walls, commonly found in living rooms, can be made of many small pieces or several large pieces, depending on the size of your room. And don’t forget your workout space; adding a mirrored wall to your home gym can keep your form on point.

Mirrored-Front Cabinets
Cabinets with mirrored front panels make a unique decorative statement. In the bedroom or bathroom, they can be used instead of a freestanding mirror, which can free up valuable floor space. In the kitchen, mirrored cabinets add a decorative element that has an effect similar to that of glass doors, but without the transparency.

Mirrored Shelves
For a sleek look, consider installing mirrored shelves in your home. These shelves work well in formal spaces, bar areas, and in bathrooms. They serve a functional and aesthetic purpose, displaying household accessories and offering a decorative touch.

Large, Framed Mirrors
Trending right now are oversized mirrors that lean against a wall. These mirrors reflect a great deal of light and serve as a statement piece in a room. They also add a vertical element that make the room appear larger. If using a leaning mirror, be sure to use furniture straps to secure it to the wall. You may also want to use a grip surface on the bottom to prevent it from slipping.

Sandblasted Mirrors
More of an art piece than a mirror, sandblasted mirrors can be made in any shape or size and with any design. These mirrors are great for bars, garages, and man caves, and make a great personalized gift.

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