storefront glass

Benefits of Glass Storefronts

Business owners have a lot on their plates, from marketing to operations to inventory. While it may not be obvious, your business’ storefront falls under all of those categories. A clean, professional storefront can help attract customers, reduce your operating costs, protect your products, and more. While there are many different options for storefronts, glass storefronts offer the most benefits to business owners.

Draw Customers Inside
Glass storefronts are ideal for creating a good first impression. A worn-down storefront can signal poor quality products and a lack of professionalism, while a well-kept, clean storefront inspires confidence in a business. In addition, glass storefronts offer people a glimpse at products inside, like new sneakers, ice cream flavors, or top-of-the-line gym equipment. Seeing what your business has to offer through a glass storefront can turn passersby into customers.

Lower Utility Bills
Old windows and doors are often leaky and are one of the top causes of energy loss in a business. Glass storefronts, however, are very energy efficient and can actually lower your monthly utility bills. High quality glass windows help to regulate the temperature inside of your business by reducing the amount of heat transfer. This means the glass storefront will help to keep the cold air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter. Since your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard, your monthly bills will decrease.

Provide Security
Glass storefronts are made of tempered or security glass that is hard to break. Business owners can rest easy at night knowing that their products will be protected. In addition, glass storefronts provide a clear view out to the street, so employees or security guards can keep an eye on activity outside of the store.

Offer A Marketing Platform
One of the biggest benefits of a glass storefront is that it offers the opportunity to promote your products and services. With a glass storefront you can hang signage to advertise special pricing or new products. This marketing can be changed easily as often as needed. Glass storefronts are also ideal for visual marketing, especially around the holidays.

If your commercial building could benefit from a new or updated glass storefront, contact Atkinson’s Mirror and Glass for a free estimate. Our glass specialists can design and install the perfect glass storefront to help grow your business.