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Six Reasons to Replace Your Commercial Windows

By August 14, 2023 No Comments

Whether you own a high-rise office building, an apartment complex, a business park, or a mom-and-pop store, windows are an important part of your building. They factor into operations, marketing, customer service, and more. Window technology has advanced greatly in the past few decades, and replacing your old windows with new ones can make your commercial building better looking, more comfortable for tenants, and more profitable. Here’s how:

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency. While low-emissivity, or Low-E, windows have been around since the late 1980s, continual improvements have made them the go-to for energy efficiency. Low-E windows are made with a special reflective coating of metallic oxide. This invisible coating is very effective in regulating the temperature inside of a building. For commercial building owners, this reduces heating and cooling costs, and saves money on monthly energy bills.
  2. Modern Look. Your building’s exterior contributes significantly to customers’ first impression of your business. New windows can give your building an instant facelift, making it look fresh and projecting an air of professionalism. This has the potential to attract new customers and increase traffic flow.
  3. Noise Reduction. One of the lesser-known qualities of new windows is their ability to effectively block noise from entering the building. This can be especially important in residential buildings and in businesses that are in busy areas.
  4. Improved Security. In the event of a break-in or an extreme weather event, new windows can help protect your commercial building. Tempered, laminated, and security glass are top options for ensuring peace of mind when it comes to the safety of tenants, customers, employees, and products.
  5. Increased Property Value. New windows can add significant value to your commercial property. The return on investment for new windows is high, and if you plan to sell your building anytime soon, you will certainly reap the benefits from updating your windows.
  6. Reduced Maintenance Costs. Old windows and frames can be costly to repair year after year. Eventually, it makes more economic sense to replace the windows rather than to continue to repair them.

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