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Benefits of Glass Storefronts

By | storefront glass

Business owners have a lot on their plates, from marketing to operations to inventory. While it may not be obvious, your business’ storefront falls under all of those categories. A clean, professional storefront can help attract customers, reduce your operating costs, protect your products, and…

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glass table

Options in Glass Edging

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Custom glass projects, like tabletops, partitions, display cases, decorative mirrors, and windows, are a common way to showcase the unique character of your business or home. With each of these projects, the edges of the glass must be sanded or grinded down to remove all…

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Windows = Warmth

By | windows

In cold climates, keeping the house warm in the winter is top priority. New window technologies can play a key role in maintaining the temperature in your home. Not only will this keep your family feeling nice and toasty, but it can also help you…

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Get Creative with Mirrors

By | Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for the bathroom and hallway; they can be put to use in just about any room of the house. Hanging mirrors in your home is a great way to maximize the light that enters your house, making it appear brighter and more…

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Tips for Caulking

By | windows

Windows are relatively low maintenance; however they do need periodic upkeep to be as energy efficient as possible. Proper caulking (the use of a sealant to fill gaps around a surface) is necessary to prevent windows from leaking air. Caulking should be replaced whenever you…

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Storm Door Buying Guide

By | Glass Doors

When storm doors were first created in the 1800s their main purpose was to protect the home’s exterior door from harsh weather. This reduced the amount of swelling, warping, and cracking and extended the lifespan of the door. Today, exterior doors are typically made of…

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