If your home was built before 1978,
new EPA rules could affect the cost
of window replacement in your home.

Beginning April 22, 2010, federal law requires that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb more than six square feet of paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 must be certified and trained to follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. (From EPA.gov)

epa-cert-logo-largeIf you’re planning to have windows replaced in a pre-1978 home, EPA regulations require you to read and understand fact booklet(PDF) provided by the EPA, which details your rights as a homeowner under the new rules. If lead is found in your home and you elect to have windows replaced, these rules will impact the replacement process, and could lead to additional expenses. Current news about this topic can be found at the EPA’s lead information website at epa.gov/lead.

ATKINSON’S MIRROR & GLASS is fully trained & certified in the work practices required by the EPA. We are staying up-to-date on all of the most current news & information pertaining to these EPA rules. If you have any questions about the rule changes or their effect on you, please contact us for help.